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Willi Wiedergold
I write about Product Management, Investing and Personal Development. Writing since 2020. More about my journey —

Many companies are working on Self-Driving-Technology. And the use cases for the technology are diverse. Transporting humans or goods. Ride-hailing, delivery of any kind (food, freight etc.). Different sort of vehicles can be potentially equipped with Self-Driving-Technology. Cars, trucks or those tiny delivery robots that are made for food and small package delivery.

The race is on because self-driving capability is the only technology for almost a century that can significantly decrease the operating cost per mile. Research from ARK Invest suggests a reduction from 0,70 cents to 0,35 cents per driven mile. …

In product land, one of the fundamental questions to ask is: “Why should somebody use our product?” — frameworks like “Jobs-To-Be-Done” (#JTBD) try helping to answer the question.

In this article, I apply the #JTBD framework to my writing. Helping myself and others understand why people should read my articles and provide an example of using the JTBD framework.

What is a “Job”?

A person’s job is created by the person’s desire to change their life status and become a better version of themselves. It’s a process that can’t be accomplished without help. …

This guide describes the most relevant steps you should consider before building a no-code MVP, during the building process and after you finished your MVP experiment. It includes a brief description of each step, and I share some personal experience running MVP experiments.

Step 1 — What is the goal?

You don’t just build a no-code MVP to build a no-code MVP. It’s always a good idea to start with the “why”. Why are we creating an MVP in the first place? What is the purpose of this MVP?

A common reason to launch an MVP is to figure out…

I started my career in a startup, where I was hired as a post-graduate business school student. My job title was Product Manager (PM) because my skills were not easy to categorise. I was not a Developer, and I was not a designer. I had no idea what the job of a PM was, but I was about to find out. So I started doing a variety of different things.

I did research-related tasks, I crafted presentations, I talked to potential customers, I asked questions, I tried to understand problems, I communicated, I explained ideas, I wrote concepts, I connected…

How I use writing to identify my interests

I started my writing “career” in January 2020 to improve my writing skills. This is just my 10th article, and there is still so much room for improvement.

From time to time, my brain produces ideas for new articles. The average lifetime of those ideas is a few seconds. This is how long my brain needs to evaluate the concept.

During the evaluation process, my brain runs on autopilot. In most cases, I am not able to explain why I dismissed the idea. It takes effort to figure out the exact reason(s).

A few minutes before I wrote this article…

Thoughts on the Paradox of Choice — A Framework for Decision Making.

If you want to be or you are already financially independent, this article is for you.

For a common understanding, let’s start with the definition.

Financial independence is the status of having enough income to pay one’s living expenses for the rest of one’s life without having to be employed or dependent on others. Source: Wikipedia

The following thoughts are based on a few assumptions. Those assumptions help to navigate to a particular aspect of being post-economic.


You somehow figured it out. You are financially independent — congratulations, you accomplished your goal.

For the sake of argument, I would like…

A Few Hints and my Speculation About Upcoming Products

During the Q1 2021 Earnings Q&A Session, Emmet P Asked:

Master of Coin, can you tell us anything about Tesla’s future plans in digital currency space? Or when any such major developments might be revealed?

Here are the key points of Zack Kirkhorns answer regarding their Bitcoin investment. Please have a look at the whole transcript.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash
  • Tesla did invest $1.5 billion into bitcoin in Q1 and sold a 10% stake.
  • Tesla allows customers to make purchases using bitcoin.
  • Tesla uses Bitcoin to store cash, trying to get some level of return, but also preserve liquidity.
  • Tesla thinks about Bitcoin as…

Why the 60/40 approach will not make you stand out

This article is not investment advice. The only thing I advise you to do is think for yourself and make your own decisions.

For the lazy folks. Here are my three arguments on why the 60/40 ETF investment strategy is mediocre.

  1. It is designed to reduce volatility and protects individual investors from their own biases. You pay a premium for the “protection mechanism”.
  2. It lacks individual assessment of the investor’s financial wants and needs (Duration, Risk & Return) — does it fit your wants and needs?
  3. It is backwards looking. In what kind of world do you think will we…

3 Reasons Why I Failed Writing Articles.

January 5th 2020, was the day I published my first article on Medium. Excited, pumped and overly motivated to tackle my self declared biggest weakness. My journey started — I am becoming a writer.

The resolution was easy. Invest 2–3 hours per week on Sunday and publish one article per month.

Surprisingly this didn’t work out as planned. In the beginning, I tried, but in the end, I didn’t deliver.

5/12 Articles were published in 2020.

I would love to reflect, and here is what I have learned:

Sunday or any fixed day was the wrong choice.

  • I underestimated my…

More focus, less anxiety and better sleep. Why fighting the addiction is worth it.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Hi, my name is Willi, and I am addicted to caffeine. The realisation came with my first real job. Real in the sense of responsibility. Being in charge of a product, a budget, and the most important people, who rely on my work was overwhelming. I was not prepared for this at all, but I was willing to accept the challenge. Time went by, and working in a startup felt like a rollercoaster ride. Moments of pure happiness got shattered by stress and anxiety. Every day was different and in a way, unpredictable. …

Willi Wiedergold

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