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Writing since 2020. More about my journey —

Innovation is an invention, that has or is going to be adopted.

Tesla has been consistently updating the completely rewritten Full-Self-Driving software in private beta based on the feedback of the 2000 beta testers. …

What makes a company?

A company is a group of people combining their skills and resources to work towards a common goal. The group tries to deliver value to others.


Infrastructural costs of starting a company are reduced year over year, and the trend is continuing. Examples are the…

Imagine the perfect life.

Imagine the perfect society.

Imagine Utopia.

All problems that we currently know are solved.

All boundaries that we know are gone.

The path to Utopia is clear — destruction enables perfection.

Every creation is an attack on the status quo.

We create drugs to remove pain…

If you build robots, you have all the freedom of design — you can create the most efficient form factor for the task the robot is designed for. Looking at the current robotics landscape shows that form factors are designed around the robot’s task. Take vacuum robots or warehouse robots…

A few days ago, Tesla finally announced their AI Day, which will be a keynote about the companies “ latest developments in supercomputing and neural network training.” As Elon tweeted earlier, the purpose of the event is recruiting. …

This article tries to explain why Bitcoin can become the successor to the current monetary system that we use. It is focused on the fundamental aspects of good monetary technology and compares the imperfections that each system has.

What is money?

Money was invented — yes, it is a technology…

Many companies are working on Self-Driving-Technology. And the use cases for the technology are diverse. Transporting humans or goods. Ride-hailing, delivery of any kind (food, freight etc.). Different sort of vehicles can be potentially equipped with Self-Driving-Technology. …

In product land, one of the fundamental questions to ask is: “Why should somebody use our product?” — frameworks like “Jobs-To-Be-Done” (#JTBD) try helping to answer the question.

In this article, I apply the #JTBD framework to my writing. Helping myself and others understand why people should read my articles…

This guide describes the most relevant steps you should consider before building a no-code MVP, during the building process and after you finished your MVP experiment. It includes a brief description of each step, and I share some personal experience running MVP experiments.

Step 1 — What is the goal?

I started my career in a startup, where I was hired as a post-graduate business school student. My job title was Product Manager (PM) because my skills were not easy to categorise. I was not a Developer, and I was not a designer. I had no idea what the job…

Willi Wiedergold

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